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The power of Logos

March 31, 2015

Watch a Designer Who Really Knows What He’s Doing Create a Logo From Scratch

December 16, 2014

Why mobile developers should refocus their market from China to India – The Next Web

March 6, 2014

Music Timeline from Google

January 20, 2014

Music Timeline from Google

Search engine giant Google once more come up with an innovative idea of visualizing Music history with it’s Music Timeline in an interactive style. But I found Classical music is not included in it. So I guess, this might be targeting young generation,as Google Music Timeline included most of the popular music genre – Rock, Pop, Jazz etc.

You can search for a musician or Album you like but song search is not offered.  For instance I tried searching “Black or White” and thought it’ll show MJ or his album Dangerous but it didn’t came up. Another thing disappointed me is, though albums are back linked to Google play Music Store I can’t listen them as Google Play Music store is not accessible from India! :-(

Google, Please do something with that.  Anyway, it’s nice to see the up and downs of Music genre. Kudos to Google Research team and brains behind this idea!

Also my curious mind looked up into source of page and found how nicely they done the coding. :-)

Visit Google Music Timeline

and read here  Google Research teams post about Music Timeline.

Creative Technologist

January 13, 2014

Review of JS Frameworks — Journey Through The JavaScript MVC Jungle | Smashing Coding

January 12, 2014

JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks

December 7, 2013

Few months back, I started Game development on HTML5 Canvas as a hobby. Game development is fun and it keeps me young. Though, I already experimented with most of the Frameworks and Libraries released for JavaScript, sometimes I got bit confused which one I have to select for my particular requirement. So I can imagine how hard for a JavaScript beginner to make a selection.

So thought of compiling what I learned.  Hope it may help someone interested in JavaScript.  I think nobody will disagree with me that learning JavaScript in detail won’t be a waste of time.

JavaScript Applications

Present and Future is JavaScript. So master JavaScript in detail. Master concepts like Objects, Closures, Prototypes and Design Patterns.  Application of JavaScript can be broadly classified into three (my perspective only) major areas.

  1. Client side (Browser) JavaScript
  2. Server side JavaScript
  3. HTML5 Canvas specific JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks

Client side (Browser) development with MVC JS

  1. Your knowledge in Native JavaScript coding can come in handy while scripting for BOM (Browser Object Model) development.
  2. For DOM (Document Object Model) development, there are lot of JS Libraries and Frameworks available. Examples for popular ones are YUI,  JQuery, Prototype, MooTools, ExtJS, Dojo and the list goes on and it’s almost countless!
  3. If you are developing dynamic web applications, you can create HTML templates using JavaScript libraries like Angular.jsKnockout.js,  Backbone.jsMustache.Js , Underscore.Js, Handlebars.Js, and recent release Can.JS  Which one to choose? It depends.But general idea is backbone.js is better for heavy DOM manipulation.
    Angular.Js is best suited for data driven apps.I suggest to visit the following URL and scroll down to the end for latest test results.

    For single page applications (like Gmail) I noted recently launched meteor as a promising library.

Server side JS development

  1. I’m sure many of you already heard about Node.JS It’s not a full fledge web server like Apache or IIS. Node.JS is just a javascript library in which a module is build for creating a basic server. Functionalities of Node.JS can be extended by adding more modules into which are available on gitHub.  You can use Node.JS to deliver a web page for client browser while another one for search engine crawlers. This can be particularly useful for single page websites to overcome SEO issues. But Node.JS should be configured in your Server. Unfortunately most shared hosting servers not providing this facility.  But real application of Node.JS will be in the development of Web applications where you’ll have full access to Web servers and predictable client platforms.
  2. Also note MustacheJS can compile templates in server side itself and deliver as HTML. This will be useful while considering Progressive enhancement. (in case of JavaScript disabled client)

JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks for HTML5 Canvas

  1. If you like to master HTML5 canvas, in my opinion first try with 2D animation and learn some basics.
  2. Also try SVG javascript. It is showing a growth in usage.

If you are interested in animation using HTML5 canvas, try to understand features and experiment with libraries like Processing.JS, Easel.JS, Kinetic.JS, Paper.JS, Fabric.JS etc.  Though Raphael.js losing popularity in competition, this one got browser compatibility even with IE6!

You may don’t need to master all, but understanding few of them may help you to select the best suitable one for a given situation. Please google for each library and experiment with each one. But if you want to learn only one or two, please refer this link

  1. Try 3D with Three.JS

Every other day a new library is appearing in GitHub. Keep your eye and mind open for the next excitement. Happy Scripting.


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